Job Opportunity – Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description

BMS are a well-established and thriving Irish company that deliver innovative torque solutions to the international market. The company values the unique skills of every employee, and are building an organisation that focuses on novel and advanced solutions. BMS are the Irish arm of a global team that delivers enhanced productivity, improved safety, process traceability and compliance to its customers. Professional growth and career development are encouraged, with competitive remuneration and a flexible working environment available.

BMS are currently seeking a Firmware Developer/Software Embedded Engineer to join the BMS team to develop engineered solutions for high-end customers (such as Airbus, Goodyear Tyres, Volkswagen etc.) in the automotive & aerospace manufacturing industries along with the transport industry. The applicant’s expertise will be utilised to determine strategic direction, solve complex problems and develop solutions delivering customer orientated solutions to the market.

The applicant would be part of a small but highly technical team with expertise in international business, mechanical engineering, industrial design, electronics, hardware and software. The applicant will be offered the opportunity to shadow senior external software mentors as part of the role, which will allow the applicant to improve or develop certain skills. There will also be opportunities to travel occasionally, if required, to destinations in Europe, North America & Brazil to attend meetings or carry out field testing.

Roles & Responsibilities

The applicant would have the following roles & responsibilities:

  • Involvement in each stage of the Agile software development life cycle.
  • Design and implementation of new firmware/software architectures.
  • Debugging of current firmware and optimisation of existing systems.
  • Source code management.

The applicant will be a critical member of the internal R&D team, meaning the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is vital.

Required qualifications and experience

The applicant should have a minimum of a 2.1 Bachelor’s degree in an electronics, software or computer engineering related discipline.

The applicant should have a minimum of 18 months + experience in the majority of the following areas:

  • C/C++ programming and embedded debugging skills.
  • Modern 32-bit processors/microcontrollers (e.g. Arm Cortex STM32 platform, their toolchains & architecture).
  • Protocol stack concepts and architecture.
  • Protocol development for embedded systems.
  • Firmware RF communications e.g. BT BLE, Wi-fi, RFID, NFC.
  • API development.
  • MEMS such as gyroscopes, microphones and pressure sensors.
  • Instrumentation and signal conditioning.
  • Development, integration and deployment of UI.


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